Create a Brand Image with Canva

Canva is a professional graphic design online software. Conveniently, this website directly connects to Facebook and does not require any additional login. This software has the capability to create Facebook graphics for startups advertising events, promotions, or even info graphics. I would highly recommend companies that are beginning to create content for their users to […]

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Learn WordPress

People create a WordPress account to communicate their professional identity, practice their writing, and start an online business. This is a platform that allows people to create a website, and make an efficient platform to sell and market yourself on the internet. Make a website, and then learn how to execute the website online. My […]

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Learn Xcode over the Summer

  Co-founders should empower themselves by learning how to program on x-code. By learning how to build your own app, the co-founders are able to keep the majority of the company and allow room for people for more people to join the venture. Otherwise, it is difficult to communicate to your technical about the direction […]

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Learn to Trade on Quantopian

This is a financial platform that allows people to make algorithms to automate trades on brokerage accounts. This cite has great potential for beginner trades who want to learn how to trade online. Moving forward learning how to program my own code, and then create an account to buy and sell quality stocks based on […]

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