Learn to Trade on Quantopian

This is a financial platform that allows people to make algorithms to automate trades on brokerage accounts. This cite has great potential for beginner trades who want to learn how to trade online.

Moving forward learning how to program my own code, and then create an account to buy and sell quality stocks based on market assumptions.

For example, my friends and I created an algorithm based on earning reports. It is possible to create an algorithm that will trade stocks on Robinhood and then conduct different tests. We were able to buy stocks with the high percentage of earnings, to trade on the market.

Quantopian is scouting for talented coded to create their own algorithm and encourages the community to enter into a contest and trade with my own money. There is alot of talent, and is a good summer project to get involved in

For students that are interested in automating their trades, a good way to learn is to read on the community pages and ask question to people that are experienced in this space. There are community pages available that have people who have coded before on the market. Get invovled in the community and do not be a stranger.

First project is just to learn how to buy and sell a stock from Quantopian on Robinhood. From this project it will show me how to make educated decisions about my investing rather than just investing into random stocks based on the shape of the graph.

One current problem with this cite is that it only allows people who have more than twenty five thousand dollars in equity to trade on the market. Otherwise, it is a great way to experiment with the market, and get better incites on the market. My Robinhood account does not allow me to do more that 4 transactions a week. The limits me from being listed as a pattern day trader by FINARA.


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