Learn Xcode over the Summer


Co-founders should empower themselves by learning how to program on x-code. By learning how to build your own app, the co-founders are able to keep the majority of the company and allow room for people for more people to join the venture. Otherwise, it is difficult to communicate to your technical about the direction of the company.

My friend and I are learning from the Stanford open course ware, and using those lectures to learn how to use xcode.

We both made a bet that if one of us did not finish the project and assignment we would have to pay the other $10. These x-code project will help me understand how to code.

My goal is to learn how to build and implement an in the next 8 weeks. Creating an appp is the best way to start your own business, and even help others start their own business ventures.

The x-code project will allow me to develop a project and learn how to build an app. Any app that you program, can be launch on the app store, and can be used to buy/sell a service or a product.

Building an app is half way to creating your own company. After that get together your marketing team and get your product of to your target audience.

A lot of Co-Founders I see that do not have programming skill struggle to get off the ground in the early stages because all they have is a concept and have no grounds to test and experiment.


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