Chasing Money or Chasing Passion ?

At the end of the day people just want to make as much money as they possibly can. In the beginning most young entrepreneur like myself enter an industry because they see the highest return on their investment, and think it’s the fastest way to success. What I have learned from talking to many success people at the next gen summit is that if you do not absolutely love what you are doing it is going to be 10 times harder to achieve your goal. This is why most people fail when then are trying to make money, because the entrepreneur has not put enough time into thinking what his/her passion really is. So the next question is how do you find your passion? This is a question I am currently struggling to find the answer. It seems that a person is not able to truly understand if a certain space is their passion unless they have tried. Just do it! Take a risk and if it doesn’t work out, adjust and move on. One mentor at the next gen summit told me that the best way to succeed is to fail quickly. The faster you fail, the faster you learn what you are passionate about. My first venture last summer was campus kickstarter. I started the business because I saw that it was an easy way for students to make money and a good way for startups to get their brand image represented on a college campus. I was interested in helping student both make an extra buck, but also help them understand what they wanted to pursue. I feel that getting tastes of different startups gives a student an opportunity to exam what they want to pursue and achieve.

The next question on my mind is what if someone has tried and tried and does not seem to find their passion? Most people settle because they fear that they will lose their level of a comfortable lifestyle. People are scared to take a risk because what if things do not work out and there is no way to put a roof above their head and food on the table. I strongly encourage young students to take risks. Try different things. Get involved with as much as you can. Do not limit yourself to one path. If it is not something you are absolutely crazy about, please switch and move onto something else.

However, if you’re constantly changing when will you ever be the master of your space? I think it is important to set your goals and plan out your direction. Without a goal in mind, is like getting on a plane that doesn’t have a final destination. The plane could get off in London or New Delhi. You have to plan out where you’re going.


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