Create a Brand Image with Canva

Canva is a professional graphic design online software. Conveniently, this website directly connects to Facebook and does not require any additional login. This software has the capability to create Facebook graphics for startups advertising events, promotions, or even info graphics. I would highly recommend companies that are beginning to create content for their users to create a Canva account

For example I created a logo, cover art and post graphics for my startup campus Kickstarter. I did not have to pay money to a graphic designer and created graphics to represent my company.

Moving forward this summer I am working on improving my content, in order to maintain my brand image towards. One of the most important things that I see many startup founders that do not work on is their brand image. In order to excite your audience to use and buy your product and services, it is important to create a brand image that people want to be a part of.

The user interface of canva, allows you to pick, drag and drop a template. Then adjust the text to what message the startup wants to portray.


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