What would be the return on investment to buy land in Ghana?

Investing in property in Ghana seems like an interesting business idea to ponder. Buying a portion of real estate in a different country for a low price, then waiting a few years for the value of the property to increase in value and then sell the property at a higher price on the market. Allow this idea seems cut and dry, if it was that easy everyone would be doing

Sometimes the value of the property doesn’t increase in value. It is possible that the value of the property could slowly decrease over time and would imply a loss on a capital investment. The second problem is that I do not legally live in Ghana, and therefore would have to pay taxes on my investment. If I could how would I buy land? The next problem is once the land is bought, how the property will be sold at a higher price. At what point will it be sold. One year, two years, ten years? How can I rent it out and make money on the investment. I could build a property and rent it out to other people that l have around me.

Another problem about investing in Ghana, is not knowing that the existence of the property, because the ad could be fake or just a scam.  Another issue is not knowing whether or not the plot of land is actually registered with the national government. Once the government finds out the property is valued in the future, the might want to take control of the land at a lower price, because there is a lot of corruption in Ghana.  Would the government hand the property over to me or would they want to keep it? Further research is required in order to prevent losing your investment in property real estate in Ghana or any developing country.

From the outside buying land in a third world country is seems like a promising return on your investment. When you are valued at the bottom of the world there is only seems like one way to go up. Diversifying one portfolio by investing in multiple properties.

Below shows a listing for seven acres of farm land, and the other shows a listing for a beach front acre. The prices seemed to be valued significantly lower than typical property value in the United States. For example, buying a property in Ghana for a 1,000 dollars may ten folds within the next five years as the country continues to develop?

ghana landghana beach


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